Our Approach


Execafrica adopt recruitment methodology to suit the need of our clients. Our candidates are presented based on a match against Pre-determined competencies. As such, our candidates are thoroughly screened and presented realistically and truthfully to our clients against the competency model. The Recruiter will work with the hiring manager to develop a recruitment plan that suits the recruitment model of their organization.

Our Recruitment Phases

Pre-Agreed Sla’s (Service Level Agreement)

After we agree on specific service level agreement with our client, the recruiter will proceed with other engagements with the client which includes discussions regarding the number of positions in the organization, the job description of the role, advertising platforms, posting target dates and number of Cvs to be submitted, target dates for interviews, channels of communications, interviews guideline feedback and finally deadlines for offers and start dates.

Sourcing and Screening

✓ Sourcing and screening of prospective candidates from exclusive database, headhunting, industry contacts and job portals as the position requirements provided by the client.
✓ Engaging the candidates by marketing the client’s organization and the position to the interested candidates.
✓ Screening the candidates against a detailed JD and marking the checklist to make sure they meet the required minimum qualifications.
✓ Getting the confirmed number of candidates who are qualified and preparing the next level of recruitment.

Shortlisting and Pre-Selection

✓ Conducting first level of interviews to obtain additional information from the candidates
✓ Forwarding profiles of validated CVs and detailed report to the client for client shortlisting and assist in obtaining further information from the candidates, if desired by the client.
✓ Coordinate with the client for the second round of interviews for the suitable candidates.

Employment Background Screening and Professional Reference Check


We will conduct through reference check from maximum three references sources of current or previous employers, the report will be shared to the client within the agreed timelines. Education, Criminal and CRB checks will be additional cost to the client.

Psychometric Assessment

✓ Conducting psychometric test for final candidates (s); we will conduct the test through our partners. (Note: The process will be an addition cost to the client).
✓ Psychometric Tests & reference checks are limited to maximum two most preferred candidates per role.

Post Selection Coordination

✓ Engage selected/final candidates and facilitate salary negotiations, starting dates and issue of the employment offer; if desired by the client.
✓ Follow up with the selected candidates for pre-joining formalities/documents and liaise till he/she joins.

Communication and Detailed Reporting

✓ The assigned recruiter is tasked to keep the clients and the candidates updated will new developments in all the phases of the recruitment process.
✓ We encourage weekly updates of the number of qualified candidates who are being engaged by our recruiter, updates regarding application numbers and overall developments of the role that is open.
✓ Detailed report will be shared to the client for clarity and transparency.

Client Responsibilities

✓ Providing relevant details of the role to enable smooth recruitment. Detailed JD which should include; the title, number of the openings, key duties and responsibilities, education qualification, soft and technical skill required, proposed compensation, job location and any other relevant details.
✓ Provide the organization information to the recruiter that is relevant for the candidates to be informed during the engagement stage.
✓ Communicate any changes in the organization regarding the role on progress.
✓ Client shall communicate feedback regarding the profiles and report shared to the recruiter within 3-5 days of receiving the profiles to enable the recruiter to give feedback to the candidates and plan for the next interview phase.
✓ Convey approval of the shortlisted candidates to enable the recruiter to schedule for interviews.
✓ Conduct interviews, salary negotiations, pre-employment medical checkups and issue of the offer.
✓ Communicate to the recruiter every stage of the internal recruitment process.
✓ Communicate to the recruiter the salary agreement of the candidate to enable him/her to invoice.