• Academic Level Degree Bachelor
  • Age 28 - 32 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Expected Salary 150000
  • Department Finance
  • Viewed 14

About me

I am an accredited Bachelors of Commerce graduate and CPA section 5 finalist with over 3 years work experience in various roles as an accounts assistant, accountant and head of finance and administration department in both the private and public sector. Previously, I worked at Kenya Forest Service as an accounts assistant under a European Union donor funded project. I was tasked with assisting the Project Accountant in processing payments, producing management reports and ensuring the funds were used as per the donor regulations in conjunction with the Government of Kenya laws. I was also tasked in creating itemized budgets just as required by the donor and I can assure you we never got a qualified opinion from the donor auditors and government auditors whatsoever. In my current role I am in charge of the Human Resource function of the organization and this has made me develop interpersonal skills across all departments. I am also tasked with the whole accounting cycle of the business i.e. from developing payments plans from sales contracts to ensuring timely and effective payments of the same is followed as per the contract rules.  I am responsible for all tax transactions of the company, payroll processing of the company and relevant statutory deductions that are remitted to the government as per the law. This in turns makes me as the contact person during annual audits, periodic audits and interpreting financial information of the company to the directors. I have an advanced Microsoft excel certificate from The Corporate Finance Institute and vast experience in Oracle Financial Management system, QuickBooks Software and SAGE enterprise resource system.


  • 2012 - 2015



  • 2024 - Present




  • 2019 - Present


    ○ Preparing annual, semi-annual and monthly financial and analytical reports. ○ Preparation of monthly payroll for permanent and casual staff Preparation of monthly statutory deductions information including payment receipts i.e. PAYE, NSSF, NITA, NHIF, HELB, withholding taxes and VAT and ensure they are submitted before deadline dates. ○ Ensuring compliance with all the Kenyan statutory laws i.e. managing the company tax account. ○ Preparation of special reports by collecting, analysing and summarizing information and trends as required by the management on financials. Debtors and Creditors accounts management and reconciliations ○ Thorough understanding of projects and how their taxation should be handled where some projects are exempted from tax and others are taxable. ○ Replenishing the petty cash and undertaking asset registration exercise; ○ Set up cost control procedures and reports ○ Preparation of payment vouchers for suppliers and office requisitions after getting approval from the CEO ○ Maintaining employee records and data. ○ Recruiting, hiring and ensuring training of new staff.

  • 2016 - 2018


    Work closely with Project Manager and the project team s to ensure that project finance and assets are well managed. ○ Analyse expenses and present financial reports on monthly basis to the Project Manager. ○ Participate in the annual planning and development of budgets and their monthly review and tracking. ○ In conjunction with Project team undertake a monthly analysis of variance and activities and present to the Project Manager. ○ Assist the Project Manager and project staff in monthly explanations of variances in line with approved budgets. ○ Review projects and staff payment request to ensure sound financial management systems of EU and Government of Kenya finance policies are adhered to on a daily basis. ○ Oversee and ensure proper management and documentation of project assets in line with laid down EU and GoK policies. ○ Ensures that all the project financial transactions are input into Oracle Financial Management System on time to enable generation of financial reports. ○ Work closely with the Project Accountant to ensure books of accounts are closed on 30th September every year and the project annual reports are generated. ○ Monitor the project petty cash imprest in line with cash management controls. ○ Hold 12 monthly and 4 quarterly meetings every year with the Project Manager, project accountant and project management team to analyse project spending against the forecast budgets and provide explanations for significant variances. ○ Undertake periodic support visits to project partners review, audit and assess how project funds are utilized and provide support for capacity building of the partners and give advice on how to keep books of accounts. ○ Participate in organizing donor records, and ensure internal controls are maintained on a daily basis. ○ Ensure that all payments and commitment are in line with European Union policies and properly approved by relevant authorities. ○ Maintain sound financial management systems, and provide administration support to project on a daily basis ○ Ensure that all payments are fully supported and approved appropriately i.e. field trip reports, LPOs ○ In cases of suppliers, ensure that the relevant procurement processes are always adhered to where necessary. ○ Participate in implementing global procurement policies. May perform other job-related duties as assigned by the Project Manager ○ Participating in the tree planting and other corporate responsibility exercises.