About Betha Ochieng

  • Academic Level Degree Bachelor
  • Age 28 - 32 Years
  • Gender Female
  • Expected Salary Ksh 60000
  • Department Supply Chain
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About me

I am an experienced supply chain professional with 8 years of experience in handling different functions in supply chain including, procurement, inventory control, warehousing and logistics. Over the years of work I have been able to achieve various accomplishments including negotiating with vendors for improved pricing and delivery of materials, Spearheading initiatives to speed up the procurement process and reduce the order turnaround time, and also Crafting procurement policies and procedures targeting cost savings, customer service, and contractual compliance for the procurement department. I am a self-starter with great organization skills, excellent verbal and written communication skills, great interpersonal skills and a strong drive for learning and personal development. I am looking for a position that would allow me to use my acquired skills and talents to make an impact in the organization .



  • 2019 - 2020
    Achelis Material Handling Kenya

    Procurement & Inventory Manager 2019-2020

    o Planning and Overseeing the daily workflow and schedules of the supply chain department. o Developing and implementing policies and procedures relating to purchasing and inventory control to help maximize efficiency and improve workflow. o Handling the Purchasing of supplies, materials, and parts for the organization both locally and internationally by preparing purchase orders and other procurement documents. o Preparing order plans and ensuring that the plan is executed and also ensuring that ordering cycle is maintained for proper stock levels o Reviewing purchase orders and contracts to ensure compliance with the organization and departmental policies. o Ensuring that all procurement documents get approvals from the relevant authorities before sending them out to suppliers o Handling all procurement and contracting activities including pre-qualification, tender management, negotiation and preparation of contracts.

  • 2015 - 2019
    Audio Visual Control Systems-

    Procurement & Logistics Officer: 2016 -2018

    o Coordinating procurement activities by processing PO’s and other procurement documents and ensuring the efficient acquisition of materials and service at fair prices o Making daily and monthly material demand plans and schedules for ongoing and new projects. o Handling the importation process and working with the clearing agent to ensure goods are cleared and delivered o Track orders and follow us with suppliers to ensure timely deliveries o Inspect products received for quality and quantity to ensure adherence to specifications and PO issued to supplier o Ensure the organization purchases quality products by providing information on the various brands of products that are available in the market. o Ensure all stores personnel are suitably trained and well equipped to perform their Duties o Planning the daily movements/routes for company vehicles to ensure material deliveries and technicians are efficiently transported to site. o Maintain up-to-date records of procurement documents such as purchase orders, bid proposals and supplier reviews


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