• Academic Level Degree Bachelor
  • Age 43 - 47 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Expected Salary 170000
  • Department Finance
  • Viewed 10

About me



I want, to express my interest in  Accountant/Finance  job in your company.


I am capable of handling multiple tasks effectively, and maintaining confidentiality with

highly sensitive materials and matters. I have demonstrated proficiency in all accounting

duties including, preparation of financial statements, audit, budgets, risk analysis,

cash flow, tax/VAT computation and pay roll preparation, among other accounting functions


I have accelerated the achievement of goals and positioned myself as a valuable resource

in a variety of situations. I would bring to your company not only these accounting and

financial skills, but also a positive and cooperative attitude that I have displayed throughout

my career.


This position is a good fit for me to contribute to your company best or bottom line. I am

seeking this opportunity to consolidate my strong academic qualifications and sound

professional capabilities within your firm.


I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you in order to reveal my positive attitude,

ability to meet my expectations and how skills would benefit the firm.

I like the opportunity to be involved in the society and dynamic groups that allow people to take   responsibilities, organize events and be part of the planning team that makes it a very wonderful experience in life. My colleagues perceived me as someone who cared about them personally and had high expectations. I had a great deal of satisfaction from helping others do their best. My colleagues would highlight three of my priorities which are to build loyalty and team environment, obtain results and develop people.

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you in order to reveal my positive attitude, ability to meet my expectations and skills would benefit the firm. Thank you.


Thank you.





  • 2020 - 2021


    Finance & Admin Manager, Gemad Agencies Ltd, (FMCG-Alcohol Distribution), 2020 – August 2021; Duties and Responsibilities: o Create and analyze liability, asset, and capital accounts by compiling electronic data and required documentation o Summarize and prepare financial status and transactions reports, including a profit and loss statement, Inventory, Debtor, Creditor and other necessary reports o Comply with all county, state, and local protocols including legal requirements, and interpret new and existing legislation o Create a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) manual for accounting policy and regulations, and roll out reconciliation procedures o Guide junior accountants and other staff by answering questions and coordinating informational classes o Focus on tax compliance, state business registration, contract review, and non-profit tax filing o Play a vital part in the company\'s financial management which includes all account reconciliations and reporting to necessary parties o Report on periodic variances and their causes, focusing in particular on spending variances o Update standard costs in the bill of materials, review standard and actual costs for inaccuracies o Validate the cost of goods sold as part of the month-end close ,revise the reserve for obsolete inventory as needed o Construct systems to accumulate and monitor data, perform cost accumulation tasks as a member of the target costing group o Determine and calculate formulas for fixed and variable costs, e.g. rent, insurance, and purchases o Analyze month-end and year-end reports to identify and recommend cost-effective improvements o Develop and document business processes and accounting policies to maintain and strengthen internal controls






Honors & awards

  • 2016


    Volunteer Services Offered: Treasurer: - Unganisha SACCO, (An in-house Company SACCO-NAKURU), 2011- 2016; Duties and Responsibilities: o Implementation and review of the Society’s financial accounting policies and procedures; o Receive all monies due and payable to the society and issue receipts for the same except in the case of a credit union where the Board may delegate such powers to other members of staff. o Deposit all monies received in the name of the society in bank/depository as specified by the Board; Ensures timely and accurate reconciliation is done o Sign all cheques and other documents necessary to effect the business of the society. o Keep a just and true record of all financial transactions effected by the society in the books. o Keep charge and control of all cash, securities, books and other documents and vouchers for all payments made and receipts issued on behalf of the society. o Reconcile or cause to be reconciled at least once per month the members’ ledger or accounts with the relative general ledger control accounts; o Reconcile or cause to be reconciled at least monthly all passbooks or statements received from depositors with the relevant control accounts in the general ledger; o Cause all members’ ledgers and all members’ passbooks to be reconciled at least once per year; o Prepare the annual statement of account, the balance sheet, the monthly financial statements and other statements as the Board may request;