About Barrack Manono

  • Academic Level Degree Bachelor
  • Age 28 - 32 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Expected Salary Ksh. 150,000 200,000
  • Department Operations
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About me

In my previous roles, I honed my abilities in communication, administration and operations management, providing a firm foundation my career. My customer service, people-centric nature, and compassion have afforded me excellent problem-solving skills. I am always excited to contribute my talents and proficiency in teamwork toward team efforts. As an engaging communicator with a proven track record in process development, my focus on building strong professional relationships has been without a doubt a beneficial asset throughout my career.



  • 2020 - Present
    Olive Bush Camp Ltd/Maasai Mara/Nairobi

    Sales Operations Manager

    Managed a successful sales support team and ensured that the team consistently meets or exceeds daily sales performance metrics. Worked with management to motivate and drive performance of the Sales Team. Consistently ensure that business is conducted with integrity at all times and that behavior aligns with our organizational culture. Served as the main point of contact for Sales Team and addressed calls for most general business issues; escalate to the senior managers if appropriate. Effectively managed Sales Operations expenses to ensure delivery of internal gross margin goals. Responsible for the development and implementation of new processes and procedures for effective and efficient team operations. Handling, coordinating and managing sales inquiries and leads. Managing and leading the Sales Department which we started from scratch and build it to a fully-fledged department (this was a completely new organization). Strategic Planning and oversight of the sales department, including delivering detailed sales a weekly basis, establishing weekly sales focus reports and developing plans effectively hit set targets. Ensuring the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are followed and adhered to as per the \'spirit and letter\' of the organization mission and vision. Improved sales processes to streamline customer acquisition and onboarding strategies. Created and launched new online marketing strategies, resulting in 23% sales increase in our first year in office. Managed order cycle to enhance business development and maintain sustainability and customer satisfaction. Monitored customer buying trends, market conditions and competitor actions to adjust strategies and achieve sales goals. Organized sales and marketing events for the company, represented the organization in trade fairs, organized events and paid marketing partnerships. Planned, organized and coordinated transfers for our clients traveling in different locations. Handled guests complain through elaborate internal reporting systems and dealt with eventualities on a B2B level.

  • 2018 - 2020
    Asilia Africa Ltd/Nairobi

    Assistant Operation Manager

    o Hosted guests from all walks of life, entertaining and making them feel welcomed. o Created organization systems for inventory control, merchandising, financial reports and schedules, dramatically increasing operational efficiency. o Ensured that all SOP and Ops are adhered to, implemented and monitoring internal controls. o Developed loyal and highly satisfied customer base through proactive management of team customer service strategies. o Handled guest complains meticulously, through elaborate company internal reporting systems and structures. o Set and enforced policies focused on increasing team productivity and strengthening operational efficiency. o Generated repeat business through exceptional customer service and responded to customer concerns with friendly and knowledgeable service.. o Through proper methods of handling staff issues, Zero members of staff left the company due to discipline issues. o I introduced a staff welfare programs and supported staff development through proper appraisal, motivation and training. o Ensured Health and Safety practices were in place for both guest and employees, handled safety issues in a proper way and trained the staff on the same. o Monitored cash intake and deposit records, increasing accuracy and reducing discrepancies. o Reduced corporate costs by developing and implementing improved merchandising, receiving and maintenance procedures. o Helped with planning schedules and delegating assignments to meet coverage and service demands. o Completed regular inventory counts to verify stock levels, address discrepancies and forecast future needs. o Conducted weekly staff meetings to motivate staff members, address concerns and questions, plan improvements, and evaluate progress toward goals.

  • 2015 - 2018
    Tawi Lodge /Amboseli/Nairobi

    Assistant General Manager

    o In charge of all the operations in the lodge by enhancing employee management by developing schedules, tracking time and administering payroll. o Principle assistant to the GM handling his dairy and taking brief for him and also represented him in events and meetings in his absence. o Handled and managing petty cash. o In-charge Staff training by team members maintain business professionalism by coaching each on methods for delivering exceptional service to every customer. o Setting budgets and ensuring their implementation. o Handled guest complains and provided solution to the issues. o Handled Service recovery in case of any Service Failures and ensured proper measures are put in place to stop it from happening. o Ensured that all SOP and Ops are implemented. o Spearheaded daily staff meetings to identify improvement strategies, discuss policy updates and facilitate open communication. o Recorded inventory sales into organization\'s weekly income report. o Adjusted job assignments and schedules to keep pace with dynamic business needs, factoring in processes, employee knowledge and customer demands. o Applied customer feedback to develop process improvements and support long-term business needs. o Achieved or exceeded financial goals on regular basis by controlling expenses, optimizing schedules and regulating inventory usage. o Maximized performance by monitoring daily activities and mentoring team members.

  • 2013 - 2015
    Nairobi Java House9360 Degrees Artisan Pizza)/ Nairobi

    Restaurant Supervisor

    o Created and deployed successful strategies to boost restaurant performance, streamline food prep processes and reduce waste. o Allocating stations to front of house team and supervising the service process. o Directed both FOH and BOH employees through daily tasks and monitored performance throughout day. o Delivered in-depth training to workers in food preparation and customer-facing roles to promote strong team performance. o Received communication from the back of house in terms of missing items and those on hold and passes it to the rest of the team. o Served high caliber and VIP guests. o Carried out weekly and Monthly stock takes. o Planned public holidays and off days for the front of house team. o Made the timetable and ensuring any changes are communicated to the staff.



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